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drylin® E electric motors
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Automation with stepper motors, direct current motors and EC/BLDC motors

For linear axes and handling systems, igus offers a wide range of electric motors. Hybrid stepper motors or DC motors are used in lead screw drives, toothed belts and
rack and pinion drives. The electric motors complete the range offered by igus automation technology. In this way, entire handling systems can be configured in combination with linear axes.
Stepper motors drylin E for drive technology

Stepper motors

  • Powerful in five sizes
  • Motors with metric connector or stranded wires
  • With encoder and brake for extra safety
  • Increased anti-rotation feature due to machined flat motor shaft (D-cut)
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Direct current motors and DC motors drylin E

Direct-current motors

  • Also available with protective housing
  • Torques from 0.1 to 1.8Nm
  • Speed up to 440rpm
  • Increased anti-rotation feature due to machined flat motor shaft (D-cut)
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EC motor drylin E, brushless DC motor

EC/BLDC motors

  • With Hall and encoder
  • Installation sizes NEMA: 17, 23 and 34
  • Virtually wear-free
  • Very high speeds
  • More cost-effective than conventional servomotors
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Lead screw stepper motor drylin E

Lead screw stepper motors

  • Three installation sizes with stranded wire and holding torque from 0.1 to 2Nm
  • Seven lead screw types with pitches from 0.8mm to 50mm
  • Highest precision 
  • Matching lead screw nuts available
  • When using a stepper motor without an encoder, the lead screw can be attached on either side
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Stepper motor with IP68 protection against water

Stepper motor with IP68 protection against water

  • Installation size: NEMA23/flange installation size 56mm
  • Protection class motor housing: IP68 (10m)
  • Holding torque: 1.30Nm
  • Nominal current: 4.20A
  • Motor connection: terminal box

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Direct-current motors with worm gear drylin E

Direct-current motor with worm gear

  • With spline
  • Space-saving and compact design
  • Torque from 0.75Nm up to 2.00Nm
  • Speed up to 350rpm
  • Quiet operation
  • Rotary position encoder included
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Why drylin® E motors?

Electric motors are ready to ship in 24 hours

Ready to ship in 24hrs
Large stocks of electric motors

Constantly maintained large stocks
drylin® E motors have a long product service life

Long product life
Long-term product availability

The product range is available over the long term
No minimum order quantity for electric motors

No minimum order quantity
100% tested

100% tested

drylin® E product finder

For electric motors

Motor configurator

Find the right motor in only a few steps

With the expert, you can find the right one for your application in just a few clicks. Simply enter your desired criteria.
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For electric linear drives

Drive technology configurator

Find the right linear system in only a few steps

Assemble the suitable electric motor quickly and easily in just a few steps with our linear system.
Find the right linear drive and motor now

For lead screw motors

Lead screw motor configurator

Find the right lead screw motor in just a few steps

Find the right solution in just a few clicks: simply enter requirements and get the right results.

Find the right lead motor now

drylin® E motor control systems

Travels, positions, speeds and operating times can be easily defined with the stepper motor dryve D1 via a control system that is based on a web interface. The dryve D3 DC motor control system makes it possible to easily control linear systems.
  • Quick initial operation
  • Simple and intuitive user interface
  • Compatible with many industrial control systems
  • For all drylin® linear axes
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Sample programmes from igus

drylin® E sample programmes

Save time and money with the free igus® sample programmes (sample codes)
  • Download programmes with master/control system programme & dryve parametrisation
  • Compatible with industrial manufacturers (Siemens, Beckhoff, Wago etc.)
  • Compatible with commercially available single-board computers/developer boards
    (Arduino, Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone)
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drylin® E accessories

drylin® E gearbox

drylin® E motor drive

The motor drives of the drylin E series convince due to their low radial clearance, quiet operation, high drive torque and 96% efficiency.
  • Planetary gears for igus® stepper motors NEMA 23 and 34
  • Increased motor torque
  • Higher holding torque of a brake
  • 2 installation sizes
  • Reduction of 3 & 5 available
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drylin® E couplings

The coupling connects the drive pin of the axis to the motor. An elastic polymer insert in the centre of the coupling transfers the motor torque. This dampening element compensates for radial and axial clearance.

  • With square or round housing
  • 20 versions from stock
  • Vibration-dampening
  • Clip-on
  • Temperature range from -30°C up to +100°C
  • Shore hardness 98 Sh A
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drylin® E gearbox


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