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Telescopic rails – compact linear guide provided by drylin® NT

Completely lubrication-free extendable rails in infinitely variable stroke lengths from 100 mm to 600 mm – maximum extended length: 1200 mm. The telescopic system consists of anodised aluminium guide rails and a sliding block of tried-and-tested high-performance iglidur® plastic. This permits the best possible dry operation of telescopic rails. One further benefit: in addition to being maintenance-free, these parts can be unconditionally used in hygienic environments. No oil or grease can be transferred to other products, clothing or persons. Even applications in cleanroom sluices have already been implemented. But dry operation provides advantages even in dirty applications:  dirt particles do not get stuck in the guide and compacted into a sticky mass.

Telescopic rail guide without lubricant

drylin® NT telescopic rail for a sliding door protecting a machine

  • Stroke lengths from 100 to 600 mm
  • Maximum extended length: 1200 mm
  • Anodised aluminium rail
  • Corrosion-free sliding element
  • 100% maintenance-free
  • Dirt-resistant
  • Hygienic
  • Also with locking mechanism

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Telescopic rails – tough, corrosion-free, lightweight

The telescopic rails from the drylin® NT product range can be ordered with up to an infinitely variable length of 1,200 mm (overall extended length). The telescopic rails are available in versions that can be fully extended, partially extended or over-extended. The telescopic rail with locking mechanism can also be configured with an individual position detent upon request.  

Telescopic rail

drylin® NT telescopic rails

Infinitely variable lengths of up to 1,200 mm


Solid design

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With locking mechanism

drylin® NT telescopic rails with locking mechanism

Locking mechanism

Individual position detent upon request


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All linear systems

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For every linear application

Versatile and flexible

Different installation sizes

Overview of linear system

Why choose drylin® NT extendable rails?

Icon: drylin® NT extendable rails, full extension

Fully extendable

Easy access to installation space as the rails can be fully extended / over-extended

Icon: drylin® NT extendable rails, partial extension

Partial extension

Defined extension width due to partial extension

Icon: drylin® NT telescopic rail with locking mechanism for more security

More safety

The locking mechanism (centre end position) offers more security as the telescopic extension is fixed.


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