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chainflex® product finder

Go online to quickly find the best cable that works for less.

By entering just a few details of your application in the chainflex® product finder, you receive a list of suitable chainflex® cables from our collection of more than 1,400 chainflex® cables. For further details or to order the cable simply and quickly online, you can switch to the appropriate product page of the online catalogue with just one click. If a solution that is suitable for especially tough conditions cannot be found, you can simply send the data to one of our sales engineers.
To configure an individual e-chainsystem® with this cable you can now transfer the cable selected in the chainflex® product finder into the filling of the e-chains® expert with a single click. In addition, you will also see the part-specific price and the part-specific delivery time, provided that appropriate cable parts can be unambiguously identified by specifying the number of cores and the cable cross-section.

Also available as an iPad app from iTunes.