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2020 news - xiros® ball bearings

Timeless guide roller design for visible parts

xiros guide roller with xirodur S180-fixed flange ball bearings

#Guide rollers #Stylish #Black anodised aluminium
This xiros® guide roller is specially suited to users in labelling and labelling technology.

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Self-aligning ball bearing for general use

xiros self-aligning ball bearing of xirodur® B180 with stainless steel balls

#Corrosion-resistant #Greater loads #Four installation sizes
The first xiros® self-aligning ball bearing not only compensates for shaft misalignments, but is also lightweight.

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Electrostatically conductive polymer ball transfer unit

xiros® polymer ball transfer unit with F 182 housing and stainless steel balls

#Overhead installation #Corrosion-resistant
Safe load transport for the semiconductor and electronics industry and material handling.

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Guide roller for the food industry

xiros guide roller with xirodur B180-fixed flange ball bearings

#Food safe #Aluminium alloy #Low rolling resistance
This xiros® guide roller is intended for users in the packaging and food industries.

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