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Lawn mower

This is a new design for a single-point adjustment on a lawn mower. The adjustment bar and knob must be fed through a spigot, which is fitted on the frame. This spigot part must hold its axial position and be able to turn smoothly and unobstructed. Vibration caused by the rotating wheel had to be dampened and the bearing assembly had to be corrosion resistant in order to withstand strong fertilizers and dew dampness in the grass. The grass clippings also created a very corrosive environment. They had to be oil-free so that no oil drips onto the freshly cut grass. The flange design allowed the spigot to be fastened on the frame, which enabled a good fit and check on the rotation. iglidur® plastic plain bearings are lubricant-free and completely corrosion resistant.

Lawn mower  
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