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Trickstuff PICCOLA - The lightest brake in the world

Accuracy and attention to detail

Trickstuff PICCOLA  

After the DIRETTISSIMA, one of the most powerful brakes in the world, the company Trickstuff wanted to complete the list of superlatives. And it does now with the world's lightest hydraulic brake, the PICCOLA with only 158 grams, complementing the portfolio. No compromises were accepted - no compromise on braking power, reliability, quality and value.
As far as the functions of a brake are concerned, the aspect of controllability is one of the most important. At the heart of the lever mechanism there is a very short master piston made of precise [link pagenr = "8680" title = "CNC-turned"] iglidur® J material. The material is characterised by its good pressure stability, freedom from wear, lightweight and an extremely low coefficient of friction in the housing, which is essential in terms of slip-stick-free controllability.

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